Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Conversation Therapy Research Group

The Conversation Therapy Research Group (CTRG) held a one day meeting at the unit on May 12th at the Bristol Speech and Language Therapy research Unit.
Left to right: Madeline Cruice (City university), Simon Horton (University of East Anglia), Sandra Wielaert (Rijndam Revalidatie), Rotterdam and the University of the West of England/BSLTRU), Wendy Best,  Firle Berkley and Suzanne Beeke (all from University College, London). Behind the camera Karen Sage (University of the West of England/BSLTRU).
The group meets regularly (usually on Skype) to share ideas and collaborate on research which aims to enable conversation assessment and therapy to become a clinical reality for speech and language therapists. What a treat to meet up face-to-face!

For more information about conversation therapy, this group and how to get involved in research linked to this, contact Firle Berkley via the Better Conversations with Aphasia website:

Filming at the Unit for the Aphasia Software Finder

Monday 12th May, Giles Edwards  and Chris Barber kindly gave up their day off to work with actress Jenny Rainsford  to help improve accessibility for the Aphasia Software Finder

Look out for the forthcoming videos on the site. What a team effort from Jenny, Giles, Chris, Sarah Woodwood, Julie Ward and Brian Petheram! 

The aphasia software finder website is funded by the Tavistock Trust for Aphasia.

Left: Chris Barber, Right Giles Edwards (

Friday, 16 May 2014

Prof Sue Roulstone visits the Sound Start team in Sydney, Australia

This week Prof Sue Roulstone visited the Sound Start team in Sydney, Australia.

Sound Start is a project funded by the Australian Research Council. The project is a randomised controlled trial to evaluate the impact of Phoneme Factory software which provides interactive games to improve children’s phonological awareness. The project is into its second round of recruitment.

Pictured are the team from Charles Sturt University, led by Prof Sharynne McLeod and Dr Elise Baker from University of Sydney.

Clockwise from the left: Sarah Masso, Sue Roulstone, Kate Crowe, Elise Baker, Sharynne McLeod, Tamara Cumming, Charlotte Howland, Jane McCormack Also on the team but missing from the photo is Dr Yvonne Wren from Bristol Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit