Thursday, 2 January 2014

Welcome Karen Sage - New director of BSLTRU

The Bristol Speech & Language Therapy Research Unit is delighted to welcome Karen Sage as the new Director of the Unit. Karen will take over as the Underwood Trust Professor of Language and Communication Impairment at the University of the West of England, Bristol, leading the programme of research. Karen will join the thriving research team in Bristol and will lead a programme of research on acquired language disorders. One of her first tasks in February will be to seek out a senior research fellow to help shape the programme.
Karen Sage (Left) & Sue Roulstone (right) outside the Bristol Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit
Sue Roulstone, who currently leads the children’s research programme will become the emeritus professor of speech and language therapy associated with the Unit and will continue her work alongside Senior Research Fellow Dr Yvonne Wren, currently working on longitudinal studies of children’s speech development.

What a good start to the UK’s commitment to the International Communication Project 2014!

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